Welcome to Photo Mat Magic

    Keep your favorite memories alive with our custom photos mats.  Custom word photo mats are an original and distinctive way of displaying your photos. Keep those precious photographic moments on the wall where you can enjoy them all the time.

    You choose the words and colors of the mats to match a special occasion, a person or an activity such as a sport.  By placing your favorite photos behind the large cutout letters you create your own beautiful photo gallery. Get those pictures off of the memory card and onto your wall!

    You can request any wording you want. If it fits in the frame, we'll cut it for you. This is called "custom". BUT...you pay only the STANDARD price. Even if you order an image which is not found in this online store, you will not pay any customizing charge. Your charges will be calculated only on the mat and frame which you order. Click on the first Category "How does this work?" for a detailed explanation.

    Custom photo mats make wonderful gifts for all occasions. How about:

* I (heart) NANA  (or MOM  or GRANDMA) for Mother's Day [or their male counterparts for Father's Day]

* JOHN & JANE'S WEDDING for that super-special day (wedding bells from Clipart can be cut out too)

* GRANDKIDS to celebrate the growing clan  (three standard formats are available)

* CLASS OF 2010 to capture the excited face of your senior and his/her best friends

* SUMMER 2009 DISNEYLAND for your last visit to Mickey's kingdom

* HAWAIIAN MEMORIES for that recent cruise to the tropical paradise

* JOHNNY'S TEAM SOCCER [or whatever sport he loves and which you captured in the camera]

    We will cut your mat for your special event, theme, or person. You supply the photos. Expertise is not required to fit your photos so they show through the letter windows -- just approximate trimming. We do not supply photos.  Note: Some of our sports themes DO come with trading cards for an additional fee. [Please inquire for availability.]

    We reserve the right to refuse custom requests which are illegal (copyright violations) or indecent.

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